The purpose of this radio is to help people through:
– the testimonies and points of view of other person that you will find in the program
– make known moral work and human rights
– interviews with experts in in-depth analysis of important topics in “Training & Information”
You will listen to journalists such as Glauco Benigni, Giulietto Chiesa, Antonella Appiano and Massimo Mazzucco; economists like Alberto Micalizzi; politicians like On. Giorgetti and ex-General of the Carabinieri Antonio Pappalardo; ex-magistrates like Antonio Ingroia; consoles like Gloria Belelli, jurists like Giuseppe Palma and many Italians in the world such as Domenico Stanganelli, Paolo Stucchi, Agostino Di Giovanni, Dr. Santilli (physicist), Andrea Arena … and many more.

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