IT Services

IT Services

Has it been more than 6 months since the last computer maintenance?

– Would you like to save all your data, photo and video in a local and secure place?
– Would you like to save WhatsApp data before it gets  deleted ?
– Would you like to have private and secure access to the internet?
– Would you like move all your @gmail email to a secure email system?
– Would you like to protect yourself against online scammers?
– Have you been noticing that your computer isn’t working like it used to?
– Are there weird things going about your computer/cellphone which  you can’t really explain?
– Is your Computer Slow to Turn On or in General is not as  fast as it was, time ago?
– Does your computer often crash or freeze?
– Has Your computer changed itself on the Homepage without reason?
– Receive strange Messages and E-mails?
– Your Security System is disable?
– Would you like to know more about cyber security?
– Do you like to change Search engine?
– Have you see “The Social Dilemma” and do you like to protect yourself?

I’m your problem solver! text me at 727 – 686 8682

Who I am?
An Electronical Engineer and a Computer Systems Expert, in 35 years I have seen and resolved many problems !!!
I worked in Italy for big companies & banks.

What types of Computer do I work on?
– Windows
– Mac

Where I do work?
– online (i can fix computer in all world if you have a good internet)
– Pinellas County, FL
– Hillsborough County, FL

I provide Service to Businesses and Clients in their homes/office, including:

  • Periodic Cleanup PC & Mac
  • Removal Facebook, WhatsApp
  • Save your data on save and protected place where big data can’t see and sell it
  • Diagnose / repair hardware or software problems
  • Spyware, malware, trojan and virus removal
  • Setup wireless and business networks
  • Software Laptop PC & Mac repair

I’m your problem solver! text me at 727 – 686 8682

How much does my service cost?
Less than you think.

Annual Software Protection Package:
it includes the installation of the software necessary for the maintenance and minimum protection of your computer from Viruses and Malware for one year. Includes remote maintenance twice a year for up to 4 hours.