Real Estate

Real Estate

I ‘m a PhilanthroInvestor Ambassadors: investors who want to help and give back to others while building their own capital.

I love help people.

Investor: Get in a real estate set of mind with your investments. When you invest with Equity & Help, not only are you creating additional streams of passive income for your family, you’re helping another family with their most basic need, a place to live.

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Real Estate people: Investing by buying houses and renting them is a smart way to earn … but it takes time and energy to find and apply solutions.
With the Equity & Help system you can have an average return of 12% every year without a headache!

PhilanthroInvestor: You won’t find this term in any other real estate investment resource because this is a term we coined here at Equity & Help to describe our investor partners! Our investors are not only interested in growing their own wealth, they also want to help open the doors to homeownership to deserving families who otherwise would be unable to own a home of their own. Since we work with such a unique type of investor, we had to come up with a phrase to describe them and thus the term “philanthroinvestor” was born!

New investors would ask, “Where is the profit in my investment?” Any house you buy from us is priced below market value. We purchase properties in wholesale lots at a low cost so we can pass those savings on to you. Then we sell the home on your behalf to a family who cannot otherwise qualify for a loan to purchase. Our investors see 12-15% returns from their investment with us!

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