ZZ’s New International Show

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ZZ’s new International show is amazing and very inspiring.
After 20 years of unquestionable success, on every stage and in every scale of musical ensemble XXXXXX
ZZ is now ready to go out with an amazing bigger show and reach millions more, who deserves it.
As a high professional international singer, ZZ brings something very powerful and unique to the Entertainment world; never before, has a singer from Israel, with the message of FREEDOM, stood up before the world to create a change in the landscape of society with such pure intention.

This show has inspired people from all walks of life to believe in the fact that FREEDOM is possible and they CAN DO SOMETHING about the situation in the world today.

ZZ’s main purpose is to run with the show all around the world: USA, Canada, EU, China, Japan and the Middle East. Using Music to promote a message of peace and brotherhood among countries and people.

About ZZ

ZZ is a well-known and respected international singer from Israel, who performs in concerts and private shows around the world.

Among her many performances:

  • A gala night at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas before 500 top executives from Russia, Japan, USA, France, Italy and South America.
  • A private party at Mandalay Bay Hotel on Sylvester’s night in 2005.
  • A special event for the Cannes film festival at Hotel Martinez Casino and at Carlton Hotel.
  • At the famous Hotel Schönbrunn in Vienna before 800 businessmen from all corners of the globe.
  • At Istanbul’s Hotel Kempinski in a special gala night.
  • At London’s Hyde Park fancy jazz concert.
  • In France, in a series of public concerts in Paris, Nice, Lyon and Marseille.
  • In Israel, in a concert before 3,000 attendees at Mann Auditorium (“Culture Hall”) in Tel Aviv, and in the “Cameri” National – Theater (a venue where she has been performing for three years) with her “From Broadway to Champs Elysees” concert.
  • In the USA – Foxwoods Resorts Casino in Connecticut (where Liza Minnelli, B.B. King and other many great stars had performed).
  • ZZ sings in six languages: Hebrew, English, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish. Her rich repertoire includes select songs from famous Broadway musicals (Cabaret, Westside Story, Cats, Phantom of the Opera and The Sound of Music) and the favorite French chansons of Edith Piaf, Yves Montand, Jacques Brel and Gilbert Bécaud. She also sings Spanish classics such as Besame Mucho, Granada, Historia de un Amor.

Thanks to her amazing, rich and enchanting vocals, she drifts away towards the realm of light opera, and performs select sections from La Traviata, Carmen and The Barber of Seville. Also found in her repertoire are great and exciting renditions of sections such as Nessun Dorma and Time to Say Goodbye.

She has performed many times in Israeli TV and radio shows, was crowned as the “Israeli Edith Piaf.” ZZ is a tremendous performer, a “stage dweller” with an amazing tone of voice. She performs with a 60-player philharmonic orchestra and with smaller ensembles on demand. ZZ’s greatest passion is to excite and reach every single person in the audience. She does that with tremendous professionalism and artistry, and the audience rewards her with love.

What is needed to build the new show

Total Funding Request: X $ to finance the production of the show and the tour, and produce DVDs, CDs and other retail merchandise.

ZZ has performed in many prestigious venues over the past 10 years. In 2019 ZZ will launch a National tour performing in venues with 2,000 seats in 40 cities around the US with a proven show concept including orchestra, dancers, stage decorations and lighting.

Build a Strong Team using award-winning members.

Create additional earnings from DVD and CD sales and other retail  merchandise like t-shirts, souvenir books and more.

Break-even occurs with 40 concerts performed with only 60% of tickets sold.


  • First investors will be paid back until break-even is reached.
  • After break-even (in 12 months) is achieved, NET profits from the show will be split by 25% to investors and 75% to producers.  


  • 4 year or more
  • 42 show / year
  • 2,000 sear average for each theater
  • average ticket cost $85
  • expense for each show max $ 30,000


We will use a famous producer with experience with Rolling Stones, Diana Ross, Bette Midler, Lionel Richie…

Grow your brand with Music

Music is the number one promotional item that connects customers with a brand on a personal level.

Music evokes an emotional response that is what has been found to persuade people to buy.

The Message of Freedom has been proven to have a universal appeal to the masses.

Promote your brand with music using the international voice of Freedom to reach your target audience.

This donation gives you satisfaction and achievement from creating a change for the better in the condition of humanity today.


Project agent:

Florida Real Dream llc
Fabrizio Ciancio

Cell and WhatsApp: +1 (727) 686 8682